150, Jean-Leman
Candiac J5R 5R1

About us


À La garderie Les petits soleils d’Isabelle, our educational program is based on a deep respect for children's desire and ability to learn and discover the world around them. We believe that a secure and loving relationship with the adult world is the foundation of learning for children. Our qualified and dedicated staff aims to provide the environment that will allow children to thrive and develop strong self-esteem.


Our educational program is based on this philosophy and focuses on the child's particular interests and learning abilities; thus advancing their ability to express themselves.


Isabelle Verdon, Owner and Director

Isabelle Verdon is the owner and director of 4 daycares, two in Candiac and two in St Luc (or St Jean Sur Richelieu). She wants to offer a family atmosphere, joyful and loving. The children evolve in an environment that allows them to learn, explore and live enriching experiences. Isabelle is also a proud mother of two children: Julien and Megan

Svetlana Eni, Director

Svetlana Eni, commonly known as Lana, is the director of Les Petits Soleils d'Isabelle and Les Petits Soleils d'Isabelle II. Lana is the mother of 3 adorable girls, she has several degrees in the field of management, she is a qualified educator specializing in children with behavioral problems. Lana is multilingual and has had the opportunity to work in many different countries. We are fortunate to have with us a warm, sociable, patient woman and to everyone's delight, she has a smile and a contagious good mood.

Sharon Russell, Administrative assistant and Educator

Sharon Russell is a qualified educator, she obtained her DEC in Childhood Education Techniques in 2002. She has two daughters who have attended our daycare, Elizabeth and Amelia. As an educator and administrative assistant in our daycares, she works collaboratively with the children and parents. Sharon provides a safe and stimulating learning environment for the children while providing a communication resource for the parents.


150, Jean-Leman
Candiac J5R 5R1